Trick The Movie: The Last Stage
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Trick The Movie: The Last Stage
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Here’s the first teaser for “Trick the Movie: Last Stage” (out Jan. 11, 2013).

In the final installment of the Trick franchise, magician Naoko Yamada (Yukie Nakama) and skeptic Jiro Ueda (Hiroshi Abe) travel to an unexplored island where Naoko faces off with a local witchdoctor (Kiko Mizuhara) and a mystery involving her own birth is revealed.

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Naoko and Ueda’s Lightbulbs

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Stills from Trick: The Last Stage, currently filming in Malaysia with cast additions Mizuhara Kiko and (the awesome) Kitamura Kazuki. 


なおこ と うえだ ♡

なおこ と うえだ 

Nippon Cinema: Yukie Nakama and Hiroshi Abe to star in fourth and final “Trick” movie



Yukihiko Tsutsumi will be concluding the “Trick” TV drama and film franchise with “Trick the Movie: Last Stage” (out Jan. 2014).

Trick began as a TV Asahi drama in 2000 and stars Yukie Nakama as a skilled magician who repeatedly teams up with an arrogant physicist named Jiro Ueda (Hiroshi…

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